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Analysis and Presence: The Structure and Color that Create a Great Campaign

By Trinette Marquis, APR What makes up a home? Is it the foundation, the walls, the roof? Is it the comfy chair or cabinet of fancy dishes? Of course, all of these things — big and small, structural and decorative, come together to make up the feeling of home. It’s the same with data and …

Using Your Inside Voice to Create and Advocate for Positive Change

By Bob Noyed, APR School PR professionals are experts at using our outside voices. We use our outside voices for communicating and connecting with parents, community members and other external stakeholders through our communication, public engagement, media relations, public relations and marketing efforts. In general, our outside voice is used to communicate in a transparent …

How to Be Your District’s Best Advocate with Legislators

By Natalie Allen Public education is increasingly politicized, so it is more important than ever for school systems to stay engaged when it comes to legislation and its potential impact on their day-to-day operations. In Virginia, we are seeing an increasing number of bills come through the legislative session that have to do with everything …